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The three pillars of democracy

B: © 2019 Edin Mustafic - The three pillars of democracy

The three pillars of democracy.

What does democracy mean? I could not even nearly describe this mysthic thoughts construct as beautiful as published in many books, manuscrips or on the internet by many scholars and intellectuals. I've tried to find the best keywords that describe democracy perfectly. After months of research, three have emerged that are without comparison: MONEY, POWER & GREED.


Title: The three pillars of Democracy | Year: 2019 | Format: 3x (150x34x36 cm)| Material: Styropor & building materials

Price: € 4.500,00


ART MADRID 2020 (15th Edition) Contemporary Art Fair 
Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid (ES)

JUSTMAD (X Edition) Emerging Art Fair 
Palacio Neptuno, Madrid (ES)