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Edin Mustafic


The photograph is the mortal enemy of the painting, it is the sanctuary of all failed painter, the untalented and the lazy (Charles Baudelaire). Never take a picture of something that you are not interested in (Lisette Model). Making the essence of man visible when taking pictures, is the highest art of photography (Friedrich Dürrenmatt). Twelve good photos in a year is a good yield (Ansel Adams). Art has nothing to do with taste (Max Ernst). We got the art so we do not perish from the truth (F.W.Nietzsche). All the arts are good except the boring ones (Voltaire). Art of living is to bring one's own nature with the own work in harmony (Luis Ponce de Lèon). You become artist because of desperation (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner). An artist should be suitable for the best company, but stay away from her (John Ruskin).

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Reality Loss 5.5
"The ideal gallery keeps away from the artwork all the clues that could disturb the fact that it is art. It shields the work from everything that hinders its self-determination. This gives the room increased presence" (O. Doherty, 1996)
"In the white gallery space, a work of art loses its explosiveness and becomes a wearable object that is cut off from the outside world. Even a lit, empty, white space means submission to the neutral." (Smithson, 2001)
"The artwork manifests itself in its materiality, but the content unfolds in the reflection relationship between the sensual appearance and the intellectual appropriation of the work. The artist offers the interpreter a work to be completed" (Eco, 1993)
offspace panoptikum.
Interpretation: RUBENS
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