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Slider (9)/© 2014 Edin Mustafic - Pacifism


Pacifism is a core ethical behavior including the attitude that rejects the war in principle. The desire to avoid armed conflict, to prevent and to create conditions for lasting peace. I also understand that this war may be allowed under certain circumstances in order to maintain peace. I spontaneously tried to gather motives out of my life for a personal interpretation of the term. The aim was to find out whether my actual life situation corresponds to my ethical attitude.

The reflexive Photography allows a high degree of contingency, rather than to rediscover with controlled methods an already presupposed order. The photographs are the result of social norms guided by different choices. Each image is thus characterized by the habit of the subject. The shown image content can provide information about normative, class-specific and aesthetic criteria and disclose perception-, thought- and behavior patterns.

Source: (Peter Dirk Meier: think empirically with Bourdieu against Bourdieu: habitus analysis by reflexive Photography In: ASME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies Volume 6, No. 1, 2007 S 73-97...).

Exhibition view


(1) Title: Pacifism | Year: 2014 | Print 1: 40x40 cm | Ink: Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Pigment Ink | Paper: Hahnemühle Fine Art Ultrasmooth, 305 g/m²| Framing: Museum framing black, Strength: 30 mm, gallery cardboard Strength: 3 mm, 41x41 cm, museums cardboard, acidfree | Glass: Clarity 92% / museum glass | Series: 5 Singles | 4 Objects | Edition: 1 | Price (9): € 6.500,00