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fig leaf & HEMP

According to Freud, the superego functions in the human psyche as a control instinct, the aim of which is to bring one’s own behavior into agreement with the ideal through self-observation.
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© 2009 Edin Mustafic – Fig leaf & HEMP

My intention was to show the young adults from a different perspective. Their lives are shaped by inner struggles that take place every day. In this series I process the moments of these young people who seem to be losing their inner struggle. A break from the tight corset of expectations of family and society – including one’s own. The series shows emotional moments of weakness, fear, despair and resignation in black and white pictures.


  • 15.09.-31.10.2017
    panoptikum. WERKSCHAU 2017
    offSpace | galerie panoptikum.
    Ruderstallgassen 4, A-5133 Gilgenberg aW (OÖ)/AUT
  • 18.-21.05.2017
    MAF 2017 – Metropolitain Art Fair (5th edition)
    Gardenpalais Schoenborn, Vienna/AUT


Title: Fig leaf & HEMP | Year: 2009 | Print: 100×100 cm | Material: Black marble tiles | Framing: aluminum plate, thickness: 5 mm, dimension: (approx) 120×120 cm, | Series: 12 single shots | Edition: 1 – unique | Price: no sale!