Art Photography

"Dead Giololo"

The memories of this phase of my life have faded – a refresher is needed! My plan of a two-year trip to Europe from north (North Cape) to south with an unlimited “finish” somewhere in the south of Andalusia was suddenly thwarted by COVID-19! Now, after more than a year at home, I hear a voice that is getting louder and louder that calls for freedom! I still vividly remember the great “tinto de verano” and the extremely brutal “huevos” – and some places are still waiting for me!

© 2004 Edin Mustafic – “Dead Giololo”, Alhambra, Granada, Espana

It was a spontaneous decision and the flamenco that made me embark on this adventure. I don’t remember how long I was exactly – but is that important?

© 2004 Edin Mustafic – “Dead Giololo”, Alhambra, Granada, Espana

The selection of the pictures was not chosen by me. These are pictures that remained alive after my extermination campaign of my past and did not fall victim to the fire. When I was 35, I burned EVERYTHING of myself that is – in general – called memories. Dozens of diaries, notes, scripts and also every single photo, every memory, everything that I have ever done up to 35 and with whom I have done it! All just stations of my intricate travels in the “nowhere of my life” that no longer interest me anyway – I’ve lived the time – sinking into memories is not my thing – I’m much more interested in the next steps coming up to me like that!

EM, 2021